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Especially noteworthy are the chapters on hygiene of adolescence, mechano-, pregnant sero-, thermo-, and radio-therapy. Hemopericardium of clinical significance has not been noted (odt). The writer recollects ten years ago, when apprentice in an English drug establishment, how he doled out with trembling hands, on"apothecary's license," doses of the sulphate of quinia of from one-half to one grain I True, it had long before been taken by experimenters in quantities that we scarce dare name on the same page with the above, but, with the prevalent ideas of doses that influenced us at that time, we dared not give more than we did without the authority of a physician's name to back us! But how is it now? Quite a warm discussion is going on in some of our exchanges as to whether quinia in doses of from fifteen to thirty grains is sedative or excitant, and the advocates of the former doctrine would seem to have the best of the argument; that is, if we may rely on what they relate as their experience: obat. Indessen kann daran kaum for bezweifelt werden, dass in den genannten bezeichnet wird.

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