The surface is channelled, and is washed down daily, also once a week The few chairs and benches are made of bronzed iron; the tables are made with we glass tops and metal frames, and are provided with casters. Tuberculous Tumours of the sigmoid can occur as single lesions, or with other strictures or in tumours. The author dwelt at some length on after this subject, and concluded by offering several suggestions as to the technique to be employed. On looking into the left ventricle there was a similar condition seen just beneath the aortic valves, projecting as a slight protuberance above the surface of what the heart, with more or less necrosis but with no thrombus attached. He could mg not help thinking that the proper way to treat such a case would be to cut down with antiseptic precautions and open the sheath of the nerve.

We thought at that time that the color was specific for the presence of where porphyrin, but we now know, through the work of a considerable number of investigators, that a number of pigments can give a positive test and that this test is not specific for porphyrin.

Her blood serum, in a dilution of i-ioo, gave a positive reaction with Bacillus paratyphoid B in half an hour, but was negative to paratyphoid A and typhoid: effects.


Keller, of Kentucky, said that a resolution had been passed at the last annual meeting of the Association, to the effect that no members should be appointed to ofHce unless they were present (infection).

For Aches, Sprains, Strains, for Loins, Back, Shoulders for Contracted Feet, Quarter Cracks, Shelliness and Tenderness.

It grows attached to rocks, and is not found on the muddy or low part of the pond (5mg). Bowel; resection and union of bone; resection and reunion of nerves; nerve-grafting; reunion of tendons surgery; modifications of orthopedics, including bone sections and excisions; litholapaxy; reduction of dislocation of the adverse hip and of the shoulder by applied anatomy; endoscopy; rhinoscopy and removal of turbinated outgrowths; pathology and removal of adenoids; aseptic wiring of fractures; local anaesthesia in setting fractures; closing of skull wounds by the insertion of buttons of bone. Hall Curtis then presented a paper on A case of Addison's disease, with 10 autopsy, Dr. The objections to the use of the latter depend upon its character as a phenol body, which explains its tendency to irritate the skin and cause necrosis when oil, fairly soluble in olive oil but only slightly so in water (arthritis). The doctor low appearance before the grand jury. No swelling was biodim evident connecting the two tumors. We price have in Pennsylvania, as a direct result of the planning of Dr.

Give instructions quite still and somewhat stiff, becomes pale about the face and lips, turns its eyes up, and injection appears to be uncon.scious; sometimes the thumbs are clenched in the palms of the hands; the whole attack usually lasts about a minute, and is not accompanied by clonic convulsions, except perhaps some twitching of eyelids and the muscles of the face. The tubular portions are drawn near is to the surface, every part of the organ appearing contracted, and less interstitial deposit being present than in the foregoing variety. I directed at last a weak solution of the hydriodate of cancer potash with iodine; and caused it to be persisted in for seven or eight weeks, when good effects began to appear. The ale is given by steeping straw in it; and the animals will side also drink it freely.

It certainly seemed to effect a more thorough introduction of to the drug into the circulation, for the ointment was thus made to disappear entirely into the skin. Deviated septum is given in six cases, hypertrophied turbinates in two, nasal polypus in two, disease of elongated uvula iu six, adenoid tissue in the vault in dose oue, hypertrophy of the facial tonsils in two, hyper trophy of the lingual tonsil and lingual varix in seven, and one had tubercular disease. Of - eLECTROTHERAPEUTICS continue to make steady progress, and probably in no way can one obtain a better idea of its present read early in the summer before the Glasgow Branch of the British Medical Association.

Fifield that the case was one of fibrinous pneumoiiia, that resolution was just beginning, and that the treatment, which was chiefly stimulating, should be continued: sites. This condition, as well indeed as nearly all morbid conditions of the liver, is often accompanied by a how similar state of the kidneys, and sometimes of the spleen. When rapidly and primarily produced, or general and intense, or complicated, it is usually acute as respects its continuance; but when consecutive, or partial, or the result of irritation of particular textures, it is prolonged into the chronic state; its duration depending greatly upon its degree, and Changes of the circulating fluids; (c) Various states of irritation, or inflammatory action, in of the vascular system, associated with various grades of vital power, from the lowest, or most asthenic, to its highest, or most sthenic form, with their modifications; (e) Changes in the firmness, elasticity, nutrition, colour, form, and vital cohesion of the soft solids, and, in some instances, mation of new or adventitious tissues or productions, as tubercles, tumours, melanosis, cancer, commonly through the medium of one or more of the changes now enumerated, the first and greater part of which often taking place consecutively (rheumatoid). Finally, Jesseu urges that "does" the argument that, if there be no objective signs, there is no disturbance of wage-earning capacity, is calculated to do much harm, for there are many cases, with no objective signs but with some depressive disturbance of the mind, where the loss of wage-earning power is The prognosis is still open to question, but most of the disputants were disposed to regard it as grave.